Victor F. M. Torres is an intermedia artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Torres’ clients include Tiffany & Co. He has taught new media and design courses in higher education for over six years. He is the author of "Language Writes Myth Writes Reality: Or How Does the Acculturated Body Take the Role of Culture Maker?" Torres combines his background in cultural anthropology with his art and design practices in order to find innovative ways to demonstrate seemingly invisible factors which contribute to the alienating feeling of foreignness. The work has yielded a never-ending exploration of spoken as well as written language through immersive interfaces, symbolic systems, and mythologies. His work has been shown globally at venues such as the MoMA, BMA, MoCA, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, MIX NYC, Maryland Art Place. In a recent collaboration with artist Jack Waters and Visual Aids, Torres created "(eye, virus), 2019," a seven-minute short which premiered at the Whitney Museum of American Art on December 1st and toured 115 venues internationally. "(eye, virus), 2019" is now available on Artforum.