As a Brazilian-born, Brooklyn-based intermedia artist, I weave art, anthropology, and technology to illuminate the invisible forces that shape our sense of belonging. My background in cultural anthropology fuels my artistic practice, where I explore the complexities of "foreignness" through immersive experiences, symbolic systems, and reimagined mythologies.
My interdisciplinary approach has allowed me to exhibit my work at prestigious institutions like MoMA, BMA, MoCA Chicago, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. A recent collaboration, "(eye, virus), 2019," a seven-minute short exploring language and perception, toured over 100 venues globally.
Beyond the gallery walls, I share my expertise as a university instructor, having taught new media and design for over six years. I'm also the author of "Language Writes Myth Writes Reality," a thought-provoking exploration of cultural identity in an interconnected world.