Lighthole was a two-year long project which encompassed a gallery, a printing house (Vector Voltage printing), a design studio (which gave birth to Vector Voltage Design), and a new media art journal under the same name. Between 2015 and 2017, with the help of an intern and fellow artists, I was able to produce seven art journals, one catalogue, three artist video-interviews, and nine exhibitions featuring over 20 artists in all career stages. Featured artist contributions to both the journal and exhibitions included: Kristen Anchor, Alexander D’Agostino, C. Tara & David Gladden, Caroline F LePire, Chanan Delivuk, Hoesy Corona, Fire Angelou, Kata Frederick, Sonya Norko, Eric Antonio Benitez, Cathy Cook, Kevin Blackistone, Tom Boram, Jake Budenz,  Mieke Gentis, Vin Grabill, Rebeca Nagle/Carlos Monroy, Pablo Machioli, Zach Trebino.
Lighthole's mission centered on the notion that technology - from agriculture to chemistry - has always been an intrinsic component of the human experience allowing us to survive on this planet, commit unforgettable atrocities, re-configure our bodies, and re-define ourselves. The project was designed as a snap shot of human perception, connecting ancient concepts to contemporary discoveries through the insightful lens of visual culture. The main goals of the project were to create a destination within Baltimore for art works that incorporate technology either through video, sound, or the body; while establishing Lighthole as a resource for new media/ intermedia/ interdisciplinary artists; create a destination for the representation of humans of non-normative self-identifications and concurrently develop a rigorous journal of new media art in Baltimore, MD.
In 2016, the project earned "Best of Baltimore" from City Paper (The Baltimore Sun).