3D museum native web app where you can step into from any web browser. It's like your own personal time machine, and I'm calling it METASEUM. Yep, it's a mash-up of 'Metaverse' and 'Museum' because why not? At least for now, anyway.
Let me take you back to where it all started. I grew up in Rio in the late '80s, a wild time with a lot going on, politically speaking. Let's just say hanging out at the local park wasn't always the best idea. So, me and my computer became best buds. I dove headfirst into the worlds of Art and History—my escape and my passion.
Remember those cool interactive encyclopedias we used to click around in as kids? I had this one favorite—it was like a history of the world encyclopedia for kids by DK Books that came out in the '90s, yes, it was a CD-ROM… It functioned as a time machine. You’d pick an era and it would make all sorts of quirky, cacophonous, contraption sounds showing you all sorts of stuff from different eras that you could click on and play with. It was my go-to on a rainy day.
Fast forward to now, and that’s the essence of what I’ve created with METASEUM. It's that old CD-ROM interactive encyclopedia, but a little more contemporary. Think of walking through a gallery, except it's all 3D, and the artifacts? You can almost reach out and touch them. The best part is, that you don't need any fancy gear; if you've got a browser, you're all set.
In METASEUM, you don’t just look—you play and interact. You can collect these 3D objects that are more than just pretty things to look at. They tell stories, they teach you stuff, and they connect you to histories from all around the world.
And here's the kicker—it's all in your browser. No need for downloads or expensive equipment.
There are a few more things I’d like to work on before deployment so at the moment I’ll just leave you with this tease!