Embark on a journey into the mysterious world of 'On' with the Tarot of On, a fully functional 78-card deck steeped in the wisdom of this lost civilization. The Tarot of On draws on the rich symbolism of the Hermetic Tarot system, with subtle references to the Rider-Waite deck that experienced readers will appreciate.
Delve deeper into your readings with the Tarot of On's unique cosmological system, inspired by decades of your own world-building. Explore the mysteries of the deck's hieroglyphic system and original number system, adding another layer of intrigue to your practice.
The Tarot of On stuns with its modern, minimalist aesthetic. Featuring a bold contrast of black and white, the court cards stand out with their inverse coloring scheme, further enhancing the deck's visual impact.
The Tarot of On is more than just a deck; it's a portal to a world waiting to be discovered.