Absu Hikrias or, the Myth as a Self-Perpetuating Mechanism, 2014 is was first exhibited at the old Horton's Tuxedo Shop in Baltimore, MD. The installation consisted of 30 rice paper scrolls mounted onto clothes' hangers on an electric, multistory, automatically-revolving, dry-cleaning clothes' wrack. The scrolls together make up a creation myth original to the work. The sumi ink text is written in a constructed language which resembles the morphological and grammatical make-up of a long-dead ancient language. The overall piece functions as an abstraction of the historical trajectories of cultures where languages are born and die but the ideas, myths remain as they seem to be self-perpetuating. The natural sounds of the machinery alludes to the mechanical qualities of common-senses. Robotic by nature, common-senses are nothing more than machines designed to keep myths alive.